About Us

Our Mission:

FirstStat is dedicated to improving homecare delivery with a single source solution that offers convenience, efficiency and affordability for both patients and caregivers.

Our Approach:

Usually, when a doctor orders homecare for a patient, several agencies are needed to provide all the elements involved in the treatment plan. This traditional approach often leads to inefficiencies and communication errors. At FirstStat, we solve this problem by providing an integrated approach to meet the needs of our patients more effectively.

With FirstStat, all our patients’ medical equipment deliveries, skilled care visits and medication prescriptions are handled by a single, multi-disciplinary home health services provider instead of several unaffiliated specialty agencies. Our nurses, therapists, pharmacists and equipment technicians all operate out of the same building, creating a highly cooperative environment where every individual involved in the recovery process is in close proximity to each other and working together as a true team.

This innovative approach eliminates errors, reduces delays and contains costs — all while delivering patients the fastest, most efficient care possible in the comfort of their homes. As an added benefit, both patients and caregivers will appreciate the convenience that comes from having every possible need taken care of with just a single phone call to FirstStat.